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My 1963 is a cashless payment solution. It uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which allows devices to communicate with each others by touching each other or bringing them to close proximity. The solution includes a smart NFC card and POS. The customer will use the NFC card to make payments by tapping the clients POS. After the transaction the POS will generate a receipt and the customer will receive an SMS confirming the transaction. The card number is mapped to the customers mobile number.

The solution will support instant issuing of the NFC stickers and cards, instant NFC stickers issue is done by the POS by capturing-:

  • National I.D
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

A new NFC account is created on the backend and associated with the NFC card unique identifier, National ID number and phone Number

Customer walks into any of the youth resellers shops Youth resellers are all over the city including Mpesa Agents. The Youth resellers are also within all merchants who accept 1963 A customer will be required to use the following details to register

  • National I.D
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth

It is Important to note that without an ID or mobile number a customer cannot be registered.

Anyone else below the age of 18 will need a guardian to register him/her to have the card.

Once registered the customer will need to top up the card ( with a minimum value of Kes 50) for activation. The youth reseller will then load the card through tapping it on the POS terminal.

Customers will also soon be able to load cash on the 1963 card through

  • Banks
  • Mpesa
  • Airtel

A customer uses the NFC card by tapping on the POS of a supported merchant. On tapping the amount due is transfered and the POS prints a receipt confirming the transaction.

There are various ways that one can top up my 1963 card; all methods are easy and IMMEDIATE

Cash Top Up:

You will need to approach any of our agents who are available all over the city. Once you provide them a top up amount, they will load the amount directly to your card by tapping the POS terminal.

To make sure that the amount loaded is correct you have the option to check your balance from the POS Terminal, through our ussd menu *363# or our Whatsapp number 0786111963.

Mpesa Top Up:

This is also very simple;

  • Go to the Mpesa Menu
  • Select Payment service
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter the Business Number 118934
  • Enter your Mobile Number (Your mobile number is mapped to your card Number, so no need to cram or remove your card from your wallet)
  • Enter Amount to top up
  • Enter your Mpesa Pin
  • You will then receive Notification from Safaricom showing that you have topped up your card.

To make sure that the amount loaded is correct you have the option to check your balance from our ussd menu *363#.

My 1963 card can be used at many merchant outlets. These include-:

Matatu Owners Association Member Saccos which include-:
  • Ummoiner Sacco
  • Manchester Sacco
  • Prime East Sacco
  • Nawaku Sacco
  • Eastern By Pass
  • Wamasaa Travellers Sacco
  • Star Bus Ltd
  • South B Matatu Owners Sacco
  • Metro Trans Ltd
  • City Shuttle
  • C-Bet
  • Iska
  • Foward Travellers
  • Maptra Sacco
  • Nanyuki Express
  • Iska Sacco
  • North Rift Shuttle

Soon you will be able to use the card for shopping and also for paying for services in saccos and cooperative societies

Yes there is a pin option when the cards expenditure exceeds Ksh 200.

IF you lose your my 1963 you have an option of blocking the card through our USSD code *363#. This provides you the comfort of knowing that you can still block your stolen ‘wallet’ from anyone accessing it.

You only need to TAP my 1963 card once; you get a printed receipt with every tap at the payment point.

In the case of the Matatus and Buses, the receipt carries the following information:

  • Travel card debit (amount paid)
  • Conductors name
  • Card balance
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Route
  • Time
  • Pointi ‘63 earned

Dial *363# To check the card balance. The USSD code is applicable to all networks used to register the MY 1963 Card.

You can check your balance through the Whatsapp No 0786111963. To check your balance Send the word Balance.

The 1963 card is free. After registration Ksh 50 will be charged for card activation.

Replacing a damaged or lost card will also include a charge of Ksh 150.

Currently, there are no fees for topping up your card. There may be fees charged by the mobile money provider when using mobile money to top up your card. There are no fees for using the card to make payments.

If the customer’s 1963 NFC card is misplaced or stolen, the customer will be required to block the card using the following ways:

  • Send an sms with message ‘block’ to 1963 (the message must be sent through your mobile number).
  • Send an email to or The subject MUST have your telephone number.

Once the message is received the customer’s 1963 card will be blocked immediately. The remaining funds in the card will be kept in a suspense account until you activate a new 1963 NFC Card. The money in the suspense account will be deposited immediately to the replaced card by the youth reseller.

If you lose your my 1963 card and phone , you have the option to call our Toll free lines 24/7, these calls are recorded for Quality purposes. You will be required to prove your identity by providing the following information

  • Your Names
  • Your ID Number
  • Your DOB
  • And the Last Transaction you did on you’re my 1963 card

Blocking will take place immediately when a request is received.

Replacing a damaged/lost/defaced card involves the following processes-:

  • Customer will approach any of our resellers and requests for card replacement
  • Customers will be asked to provide all their KYC data (Name, Tel, ID Number, DOB)
  • The reseller will then check if the Old Card has Value in it, if yes the value will be transferred to the new card, if not the customer will be required to top up minimum Kes 50 to activate the card.

You can reactivate a blocked card only if you did not apply for a replacement. The process of reactivation will require you to use ussd (*363#) and enter your pin to reactivate.

The cash back feature is available however at a fee, you will not need to have cash back options since the card can be used in many outlets including hospitals.

The amount is configured to a minimum of Kes. 200. If you however would want to have the amount lower or higher, you will need to use our *363# to change your minimum amount per transaction.

It is NOT possible to reverse a transaction, you can however request for a refund within the journey taken or when buying goods and services at Merchant outlets.

If you Notice a wrong Charge, you will need to notify the Matatu conductor or merchant outlet IMMEDIATELY so that a refund can be effected. Refunds can only be effected minimum 30 minutes after transacting. It is advisable to check receipt once goods or services are rendered so that you avoid having a bad day.

You can access my 1963 services through

Whatsapp No(0786111963)

You can access the following services through your Whatsapp:
  • 1963 Help Menu
  • Check your balance: Send the word Balance
  • Set transaction Pin: Send Pin#the four digit number you want as your pin
  • To transfer travel credit: Send amount#receiving_phone_number#pin
  • To Kopa travel credit: Send kopa#amount#pin

USSD Code *363#